Standards for Family Law Certification

Adopted By The Family Law Advisory Commission

The following are the standards for qualifying for certification in the field of family law.

1. A minimum of five years of actual practice of law on a full time basis immediately preceding the year of certification.

2. A minimum of 35% of the total time devoted to the practice of law annually in each of the 5 years preceding application and in each year of certification shall be in the field of family law. Additionally, the attorney must demonstrate actual experience in the representation of clients, contested hearings and trials, negotiation and settlement of family law matters, and knowledge of appellate procedures.


4. All applicants must pass a written examination applied uniformly to all applicants demonstrating sufficient knowledge, proficiency and experience in the following areas of family law as is necessary to justify the representation of special competence to the legal profession and to the public:

The written examination may also include the following subjects, which are of lesser importance than the areas of family law listed above:

The following subjects, which are considered of lesser importance than the areas and subjects listed above, may be tested to a limited extent on the written examination:

The following topics are of limited importance, but the written examination may contain questions concerning them:

5. Each applicant will consent to a confidential inquiry, by the Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization or the Family Law Advisory Commission, directed to all persons who serve as references for the applicant and to other persons regarding the applicant's competence and qualifications to be recognized as a Family Law Specialist.  This inquiry and review shall consider information furnished by references and other information which the advisory commission deems relevant to demonstrate whether the applicant has achieved recognition as having a level of competence indicating proficient performance and handling the usual matters of the specialty field. Such information may include the applicant's work product, problem analysis, statement of issues and analysis, ethics, reputation, professionalism or such other criteria which the advisory commission deems appropriate to take into account prior to making its recommendations.

6. Each applicant shall submit to the Family Law Advisory Commission the names and addresses of at least five persons who are lawyers or judges, at least two of whom are Board Certified Family Law Specialists, who can attest to the applicant's competence in the specialty field in which recognition is sought.

7. Each applicant must carry malpractice insurance in the minimum amount of $500,000, unless waived for good cause by the Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization.

8. Recertification shall be required every five years from the date of certification or recertification, as the case may be.

9. The applicant must comply with the rules established by the Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization as they relate to release of disciplinary action information.

10. Each applicant shall pay the fees required by the Board and by the Family Law Advisory Commission