The Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization was established in 1993 by the Louisiana Supreme Court to assist consumers in finding a lawyer who has demonstrated ability and experience in specialized fields of law, and since that time has approved board certification of some members of the Louisiana State Bar Association who practice in the following areas: Business and/or Consumer Bankruptcy, Estate Planning and Administration, Family Law, and Tax Law. Lists of those members who qualify under the foregoing areas of law can be found by visiting our web site at Linkwww.lascmcle.org/specialization/law-specialists.asp

LBLS Sets June 3 Public Hearing on Amendment
to Family Law Standards

The Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization (LBLS) will hold a public hearing on Wednesday, June 3, beginning at 4 p.m. in the Lafayette Room of the Louisiana Bar Center, 601 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans, to provide a forum for Bar members to comment on a proposed amendment to the LBLS Family Law Standards. The amendment would permit family law specialization CLE credit to be earned for the pro bono representation of client(s) in accordance with the Louisiana Supreme Court Rules on Continuing Legal Education. Any questions or requests for a copy of the proposed amendment to the Family Law Standards may be directed to LBLS Executive Director Barbara Shafranski at Barbara.Shafranski@lsba.org

New Legal Specialty Areas in the Practice of Law

Dear Members:

The Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization, which was created by the Louisiana Supreme Court, is charged with the duty of overseeing existing legal specialty areas, as well as developing new fields of specialty when requested by members of the bar.

The Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization routinely receives inquiries about creating new legal specialty areas.  While such legal specialty areas ultimately must be approved by the House of Delegates, the Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization is charged with recommending new specialty areas to the House of Delegates.

In an effort to provide information to members of the bar who are interested in creating new legal specialty areas, the Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization has adopted a written policy concerning how submissions must be made to the Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization for consideration.  This written policy can be located by downloading the link below. 

For any additional information concerning the creation of new specialty areas or for anything else related to the Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization, please do not hesitate to contact Barbara Shafranski, Executive Director of the Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization, at the following number: (504) 619-0128 or 1-800-421-5722, Ext.128, or you may email her at Barbara.Shafranski@lsba.org

Sincerely Yours,
Ronald J. Scalise, Jr., Chairman
Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization



pdf Download a copy of the New Policy and Proposed (Name) Law Specialization Survey Form